Ice cream or gelato? That is the question.

I have forever had a good relationship with American ice cream. After working at an ice cream shop and restaurant for over 5 years, I now know the value of a well-scooped cone.

As I saw friend after friend head to Europe to study abroad, they all came back raving about Italian gelato. The flat kind or the puffy kind? The cone or the cup? I knew I HAD to try it. What made it so much better than regular American ice cream? The actual flavor and taste or the environment that surrounds the gelateria?

So far in Italy, I have had at least 6 cones of gelato and each cone is somehow different from the next. From the way it is scooped to the creaminess to the size, no two cones are alike. Luckily, I am not shy to indulge in this frozen treat.

As for ice cream or gelato? Honestly, they taste more or less the same to me, but somehow gelato takes the cake. Maybe it’s the ring of the name or the beautiful architecture staring down at me as I eat it or maybe it’s the dry heat or the flags and bands marching with insane precision as I hold my cone. No matter what the reason, Italian gelato has a sort of magic that plain old American ice cream will never have.

For more information on the difference between gelato and ice cream follow this link.


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