Welcome to Ascoli Piceno!

It’s about time for you all to be introduced to the city I get to call home for 4 weeks of this amazing trip. Ascoli Piceno is a small city of about 60,000 people on the eastern coast of Italy. It is only about a 45 minute train ride from the Adriatic Sea.


Ascoli is a beautiful city with mountainous views, grand architecture, relaxing river-beaches, and an inspiring vitality of life about it.


I thought it might be interesting to share some impressions I have of the city after a little over 1 week of living here:

1) No matter how late you think you can stay up, Italians can stay up later. Kids, adults, and even the elderly stay up to times of the night that my 21-year-old self finds ridiculous.

2) Men in tights twirling flags is a thing. Don’t question it.

3) Italians will continue to try to talk to you in Italian even when you make it clear that “no parlo italiano.” The best thing to do is just nod and smile.

4) A whole pizza is yours and yours alone. Finally a country that realizes two slices of pizza is just not enough! Why not eat a whole pizza?

5) The trek up the stairs to your apartment alone is enough to work off the pizza/pasta calories that threaten you after every meal.

6) Dogs are nice. For once no dogs jumping on you and barking at every turn you make. Ascoli is a place where the dogs trot along with their owners, accepting the fact that other people and dogs share the streets with them. Maybe I have potential in becoming a dog person after all!

7) Wine goes with everything, but not too much!

Now for some pictures from the first fun-filled week!


The Adriatic Coast


Beautiful Piazza del Popolo


Our house dog, Isotta


With a friend on my apartment’s terrace

To learn more about Ascoli, visit their website here. You can translate the page in Google Translate.

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