Potato/Potato, Tomato/Tomato

I thought I would be at a great advantage to learn Italian because of the 5 years of Spanish I took in school, but no. Spanish and Italian are alike in all the wrong ways and the similarities and differences seem to only confuse me.

For instance:

In Spanish, “the school” is “la escuela.”

In Italian, “the school” is “la scuola.”

As you can see, the words are very similar, but not quite the same. Not only does this apply to the sound of words, but also the meaning.

In Spanish, “andar” means “to walk.”

In Italian “andare” means “to go.”

To walk somewhere and to go somewhere are largely the same thing, but not completely the same. This causes some confusion for me as the Spanish rules, pronunciations, and conjugations come out and I say the Spanish “y” for “and” rather than the Italian “e.”

Learning Italian has been a difficult task, but I know that I am lucky to be able to learn the language as I stay in Italy. While my classmates who aren’t taking Italian struggle to order at restaurants or at the market, I, ever so slightly, have an advantage.

Before I came to Italy, I prepped with this Youtube channel so that I would know at least some words. Click the link to learn for yourself!

IMG_2994Piazza del Popolo at night!



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