Cooking Miracles

Cooking is the way to anyone’s heart, myself included. I have fallen in love with all of the restaurants here in Italy for the delicious food they have served me. From pizzas to pasta to bruschetta, every night I seem to say, “this is the best ___ I’ve ever had!”

While I’ve been to many tasty restaurants, I have also had some scrumptious home-cooked food. One of my favorite nights was when a few other students and I cooked a dinner together in my apartment and then ate outside in our apartment’s garden.

We evenly split up the work between cooking, making the salad, setting the table, and chopping vegetables. At the end of it all we had a lovely meal before us: a salad with fresh tomatoes, a pasta stir-fry with vegetables, chicken, and pesto, and, of course, a glass of wine.

Cooking meals alone can be difficult, but when we cook meals together a masterpiece is formed!



Our meal right before digging in. Yum!

Visit this website to learn more about the proper nutrition to get in each meal, healthy eating tips, recipes, and much more.

The following are some pictures of the great food I’ve had since coming to Italy!


My first taste of bruschetta in Venice!


Pesto pasta


Marinara Pizza on our first night in Ascoli


A sample of everything from the buffet on our first lunch in Ascoli

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1 Response to Cooking Miracles

  1. LuAnn Mussari says:

    Everything looks so European! I bet all the walking you’re doing to see all these gorgeous sights is putting a big dent in all the calories in those scrumptious looking meals. Enjoy it all! Have the time of your life! Love, Mom

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