The Taste of A Garden

Think about it. Have you ever taken a sip of cooking oil? Most people use cooking oil as a way to make a stir-fry more tasty, noodles less sticky, or salad dressing more pleasing, among other things. I have never before seen anyone take a sip of pure cooking oil. Now that is just gross, right??

Well, today I took a sip of olive oil. In fact, I took two.

Olive oil tasting is a lot more than taking a gulp and deciding if you like the taste. It includes three simple steps.

First: Take a whiff. Smell that olive oil like you have never smelled anything before. Does it smell fruity? Grassy? Herby? If so, get ready for a great tasting olive oil. I like to think of it as the smell of someone working in their garden. If it smells duller, more acidic, or vinegar-like, chances are the taste won’t be quite up to snuff.

Second: Take a small sip of olive oil and let it coat the inside of your mouth.

Third: Suck in some air through that olive oil coated mouth and wait for the flavors to hit the back of your throat. Swallow a little bit of the oil and notice that it feels like a hot pepper is sitting in the top of your esophagus. This is called pungency. Even though it causes an unpleasant sensation, pungency is the sign of a great olive oil. Lastly, is it bitter? Bitterness, although an acquired taste, is also a sign that your olive oil is at its purest and best form.

Today, I found out that with very little instruction, I could become an olive oil connoisseur. If you’re up for the challenge, visit this link for more information on olive oil tasting.


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2 Responses to The Taste of A Garden

  1. LuAnn Mussari says:

    You raock!

  2. LuAnn Mussari says:

    Who knew? (This is the real mom–the one who can spell.)

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