More Vino, Please!

Who knew that a month after turning 21, I would be tasting wines at a vineyard in Italy? Not me, that’s for sure. But happily enough, that’s where I was this Tuesday night.

Although I felt like I had become an olive oil connoisseur after the olive oil tasting, I can’t exactly say that about my wine tasting experience. I suppose wine is wine to me. I can taste the  difference between the white and the red, the sweet from the dry, the fragrant from the bland, but beyond that I don’t taste much of a difference.

At our wine tasting I learned a lot about what I should be tasting in each wine, but I’m not sure that I have the palate necessary to distinguish the tastes. After first looking at the wine and swirling it, you then smell it (for 2 seconds as the vineyard owner said). Do you smell the fruity, the flowering, the herby? I’m not sure that I did, but maybe someone with a better nose would.

We then took a small sip of wine. Again fruit, flower, herbs, and spices should indicate to you what is in the wine. The more complex the flavors and aromas, the better the wine.

While I may not have been great at distinguishing the aromas and flavors from each other, I do know that each wine I tasted was a burst of happiness in my mouth and the experience of tasting wine at a vineyard in Italy is one that I’ll never forget.

To learn more about the specifics of wine tasting visit this link.

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