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Today has been bittersweet as my last day in Ascoli Piceno comes to an end. Of course I yearn for the comforts of home, the friends and family that I miss, but Ascoli Piceno will always hold a special place in my heart. The place that housed me for 5 weeks. The place where I made great friends. The place where I learned so much, not only in classes, but by experiencing and becoming a part of the culture.

I refuse to say that I will never be back because I crave a future of new beginnings, of new people, and of frequent travel. Still, there is no guarantee and if I cannot come back, hopefully I can bestow some wisdom on future travelers to Ascoli Piceno and Italy:

1) Yoghi has the best gelato in Ascoli (maybe even in Italy!). You’ll find it right in Piazza Aringo and you’ll never turn back.

2) Trattoria del’ Aringo is the perfect place for your typical and delicious Italian meal. This is where I had the best pasta, the best fried vegetables, and, of course, the best wine.

3) No matter if you like olives or not, olive ascolana is a must-try. It is a specialty of Ascoli Piceno. An olive stuffed with meat, breaded, and fried. Unbelievably good.

4) Travel around within Italy. Each region is different and I had completely different and amazing experiences in each city that I encountered.

5) Most importantly, let go of expectations, let loose, and enjoy your time. Plans never work out quite right when you are traveling. There is nothing more important than just going with the flow.

Check out this link to find the best hotels and restaurants wherever you plan to travel.


Ciao tutti! Grazie mille.

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