About Me


Band-Aids. I responded with that single word when my parents asked me what I wanted for Christmas when I was three years old. They were surprised but happy enough to comply, as a box of these simple patches only costs about a dollar. After Band-Aids became a little too predictable, I begged for a wheelchair, crutches, or Ace bandages to treat my fake wounds. Wrapped in gauze, I would limp around the house, take “pills” of Smarties, and rest in my hospital bed, otherwise known as my family’s living room couch.

Once I began seriously thinking about what I wanted to do with my life after high school, nursing came up in a discussion with my mom. Stunned, I stared in silence. I was shocked that I had never considered it before. It made complete sense. Wasn’t I still the same girl who asked for Band-Aids for Christmas? Wasn’t I still the same girl who rolled around on wheelchairs whenever she got the chance? Why had I never seen this connection before?

Four years later, I am a senior nursing student at UNH and will be graduating in May. During my summer abroad in Ascoli Piceno, Italy I plan to eat lots of gelato, take tons of pictures, and travel as much as possible. Another adventure is always around the corner in Italia!

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