1) Everyone who is preparing to travel MUST check out the CDC’s website. By just clicking a few boxes, you can find out what exactly you need to do to ensure your health while you travel. Although it may not be as important  to go to a European country like Italy, other countries you may be visiting require vaccinations. Check out this link to learn more.

2) To learn more about visas, passports, and destinations for travel, visit the US Department of State’s website at this link.

3) Duolingo is a website (and phone app) that helps you learn the basics of many different languages. I used it to prepare for this trip and it may help you with your own travels. To check it out click this link or download the app on your smartphone.

4) Many people are familiar with food pyramids, but recently the USA has turned to MyPlate to remind us to make healthy food choices. to learn more about MyPlate, to get healthy eating tips, or to check on your health status, click on this link.

5) The Mediterranean Diet can be confusing at first, but with the help of Oldways the information is broken down for you along with tips and recipes to keep you healthy the Mediterranean way. Click this link to find out more.

6) Bus2Alps is a European tour company that is specifically geared to American college-aged students. A company that started out taking buses full of college students to the Alps, it has now expanded to include 15 destinations in Europe and is always adding more. Check this link out to find out more information and book your own European adventure.

7) Olive oil is not a much-used product in the United States and it is often hard to find a tasty bottle of it. To find the best kind at your grocery store, buy a few bottles and have an olive oil tasting! Check out this link for tips on olive oil tasting and how to choose the best olive oil.

8) If unable to get to Italy or another vineyard, why not do a little wine tasting for yourself? Pick up a few bottles of wine and use this source to learn about the wine tasting experience.

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